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Several plans are viewable by clicking the thumbnails at the bottom of this page.

For those determined to find it, a wealth of written information on the Schnellboot is available in English and German. These swift and aggressive boats were popular in the wartime media, and continue to appeal to the imagination. New pictorial books are on the way. More information can be found in:

*Beaver, Paul "E-Boats and Coastal Craft" Patrick Stephens 1981. War Correspondent photographs held by the Bundesarchiv, Germany.

*Buffetaut, Yeves "Les vedettes au combat" Marines magazine #7 September 1996. Articles illustrated with PK photos held by the ECPA archives.

*Burger, Hugo "Schnellboote Vor" Stalling Verlag 1943. An excellent wartime pictorial of operations based in Finland.

*Cooper, Bryan "The E-Boat Threat" 1976 McDonald's & Jane's Publishers. S-Boats from the perspective of British countermeasures.

*Fock, Harald "Fast Fighting Boats" Nautical Publishing Company LTD 1973. Extremely comprehensive and well-narrated technical history of the torpedo boat, with emphasis on German boats. Illustrated with plans.

*Fock, Harald "Die Deutschen Schnellboote 1914-1945" Koehler Verlag 2000. A complete technical history with fold-out blueprints, charts and graphs. Includes much information on the smaller S-Boats, and experimental boats

*Hervieux, Pierre "S-Boats at War 1939-40" in Warship Volume VIII, no date. Short history of early action with some illustrations.

*Hummelchen, Gerhard "Die Deutschen Schnellboote im Zweiten Weltkrieg" Mittler Verlag 1998. The best and most comprehensive general operational history.

*Hummelchen, Gerhard "Warship Profile #31, German Schnellboote (E-Boats)" Profile Publications 1973. Short illustrated general history pamphlet.

*Johnson, Frank "Deadliest of the Torpedo Boats" in Sea Classics Special Vol 3 1994. Commentary and some photos.

*Kemnade, Friedrich "Die Afrika Flotille" Motorbuch Verlag 1978. Excellent, detailed unit history of the 3rd S-Boat Flotilla during WW2. The author was Flotilla Commander and recipient of the Knight's Cross with Oakleaves.

*Kuhn, Volkmar. "Schnellboote im Einsatz 1939-1945" Motorbuch Verlag, 1986. Excellent historical and technical overview.

*Mayen, Jan "Alarm Schnellboote!" Stalling Verlag 1961. Historical overview of S-Boat Operations.

*Moebius, P.P. "Schnellboote" Verlag Karl Kurtius 1943. War correspondent recounts action on boad.

*Reyman, Paul "Schatten Voraus! 'Sophie Toni'" Franz Schneider Verlag, 1942. The author was a war correspondent who spent 6 months with an S-Boat flotilla.

*Tent, James "E-Boat Alert: Defending the Normandy Invasion Fleet," 1996. Allied E-Boat countermeasures.

*Whitley, M.J. "German Coastal Forces" Technical and historical history including the S-Boat.

*Williamson, Gordon "German E-Boats 1939-45" Osprey 2002. Brief illustrated history with 40 photos and several drawings by Ian Palmer. The drawings appear to be based on Airfix and Revell plastic models.

*Woltereck, Heinz "Seekrieg im Osten" Verlag Quelle & Meyer 1943. War correspondent accounts of action against the Soviet Navy, including S-Boats.

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S-7 to S-9 Side view

S-7 to S-9 Deck view

S-100 series 1943.

S-100 series bridge, in detail. Note the swivelling seats and the wooden gratings.

This cross section, though a bit blurry, is nevertheless interesting for the rare view inside the cockpit of a mid war boat.

This manufacturer's drawing shows the unusual placement of the center prop's tip.

Another drawing shows the outboard prop shafts.

2cm AA gun Mk s5-106 and swivel mount.

2cm AA gun plans.

37mm as used on the S-100 class. Although an official plan, it is inaccurate! The large circular object dead center is erroneous.

Bow gun side elevation.

S-26 Hull Lines from Fock's "Fast Fighting Boats" .

S-38 class plans from "Modellist Konstruktor" 1999 (large file).

Torpedo plans drawn by David Westwood 1984.

Class types as documented in Die deutschen Kriegsschiffe 1815-1945 by Erich Groener, drawn by Peter Mickel, and Franz Mrva 1983. IMPORTANT NOTE! many details of these thumbnail plans are erroneous and should not be considered more than a rough guide to appearance.